Singer Amy reveals she’s a toothless wonder


She’s famous for her bold personality and incredible singing talent, and no one would have ever thought of singer Amy Winehouse as someone without teeth – until now. The 23-year-old singer was spotted at a New York hotel with her fiance Blake Fielder-Civil, revealing a noticeable gap in her smile where one of her teeth used to be.

Amy Winehouse, known for her hit song “Rehab” and the successful album “Back to Black” that reached No. 7 on the US Billboard charts, is often associated with her wild rock and roll lifestyle, earning her the nickname Amy ‘Wino’.

After her breakup with ex-boyfriend Alex Jones-Donnelly, she was frequently seen out partying with her friend Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter. Rumors suggested that the missing tooth incident might have occurred during one of her drunken escapades.

It seems like Amy Winehouse’s lifestyle and public appearances were quite eventful back then. Her relationship dramas and partying with Kelly Osbourne definitely added to her already colorful persona. The incident with her missing tooth must have been quite a topic of discussion at that time, especially with her reputation for living a rock and roll lifestyle.

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