Father Of Israeli Hostage Died One Day Before Son’s Rescue


According to a relative, the father of an Israeli hostage who was freed during a military operation in Gaza passed just the day before he was set to meet with his son.

Almog Meir Jan, 22, was abducted from the Nova music event on October 7 and detained in Gaza for eight months.

He was one of four captives freed on Saturday from central Gaza following an air and ground raid that claimed many Palestinian lives.

Dina, Almog’s sister, told Israeli network Kan that her father Yossi was “glued to the television” and that his health had declined in the months leading up to Almog’s release.

“He was worried that he (Almog) was in the hands of murderers and about what was happening to him and what he was going through,” Ms Jan said.

It’s thought that Yossi Jan passed away from a heart attack.
Dina Jan remarked, “My brother passed away from grief and never saw his son return.”

Israel rejoiced and expressed joy with the release of Almog Jan and the other three captives, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netyanhu praising special forces for their “brave and creative” work.

However, the operation’s humanitarian cost—which included a flurry of Israeli airstrikes—has drawn criticism.

According to the health ministry administered by Hamas in Gaza, 274 individuals died during the operation. If verified, it would rank among the worst days in Gaza since the conflict’s start.
The death toll, according to an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman, was less than 100.

During a summit in Doha on Sunday, the prime minister of Qatar demanded that the world step up its pressure on Israel to halt its “barbaric aggression” in Gaza.

Josep Borrell, the top ambassador for the European Union, denounced the murders as “another massacre of civilians”.

An Israeli minister said that the EU had condemned Israel for rescuing its nationals, rather than Hamas for hiding behind civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces described the operation as a “high-risk, complex mission” based on “precise” intelligence. Israeli forces engaged Hamas in fierce gunfights in the Nuseirat area, supported by airstrikes.

During the operation, hostages Noa Argamani, 26, Andrei Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 41, were freed in addition to Almog Meir Jan.

116 persons who were abducted in October are still being held captive. Although almost one-third of them have already been officially declared dead, there is a good chance that the actual figure is greater.

While visiting the four returned prisoners in the hospital, Benjamin Netanyahu told one, “We didn’t give up on you for one moment.”

“We expect Hamas to release them all. But if they don’t, we will do whatever it takes to get them all back home,” Mr Netanyahu said outside the hospital.

The health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, announced on Sunday that 37,084 Palestinians had died since the fighting started.

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