NYPD Officer Arrested In NJ Road Rage Shooting


According to police, a Yonkers-based 27-year-old NYPD officer has been detained and is being extradited to New Jersey to face charges related to attempted murder in a road rage shooting.

Following his discussion with his attorney, Hieu Tran waived extradition at the Friday hearing. His lawyer was not immediately available for comment. He was employed by the NYPD press office, according to a law enforcement source.

Investigators say Tran shot a 30-year-old Voorhees Township man with his department-issued firearm, and the victim crashed his car late on Friday, May 17, near Route 73 and Cooper Road.

After being brought to a hospital, the sufferer is still receiving care there. On Friday, there was no immediate update regarding his condition.

According to police sources, Tran left New Jersey following the shooting. Two days before to his apprehension, on Tuesday, he was observed at the police headquarters.

Authorities assert that Tran is the gunman identified by ballistics evidence, cellphone data, and security footage. It was said that the ballistics matched his duty weapon. The officer was taken into custody on Thursday and is currently on unpaid leave of absence. Later on Friday, extradition is anticipated for him.

Charges also include possession of a weapon for illegal purposes and aggravated assault in addition to attempted murder.

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