Nyima Ward, son of ’90s supermodel Trish Goff, dies at 27: ‘Lived fiercely’


Nyima Ward, the son of ’90s supermodel Trish Goff, has passed away at the age of 27.

Ward, who was a model himself, tragically died on May 29. His family described him in an obituary as someone who entered this world with a unique spirit, living life on his own terms. They highlighted that he lived passionately, loved deeply, and created lasting memories. The exact cause of his death has not been disclosed publicly yet.

Makeup artist Aaron de Mey shared the heartbreaking news of Ward’s passing on Instagram, expressing his deep affection for Nyima and reminiscing about their shared adventures and fun times. He sent his heartfelt condolences to Ward’s mother, father, and all his friends and family.

During his modeling career, Ward collaborated with various renowned brands such as Vivienne Tam, Thaddeus O’Neil, and Anna Sui.

The obituary also mentioned that Ward had a deep connection with his family, even though they were scattered across the globe. He valued quality time spent with loved ones, cherishing meaningful interactions. Ward was known for his compassion towards animals, often rescuing stray animals and seeking advice from his mother about caring for them.

His love for his friends and family was as immense as his stature, never missing a chance to express his affection and maintain close relationships with his loved ones.

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