Authorities Arrest 2 More In Homestead Woman’s Killing In Central Florida


It was a clear kidnapping in broad daylight of a seemingly helpless Homestead woman.

However, on Thursday, Seminole County prosecutors made a shocking discovery in court: four persons were responsible for Katherine Aguasvivas’s April kidnapping and murder.

They claim that Giovany Crespo Hernandez, the man Aguasvivas travelled from South Florida to meet and who was up until then solely charged with drug offences, called his accomplices to defraud her of $170,000 in drug money that she was receiving from him.

Then, pictures appeared of Jordanish Torres Garcia and Kevin Ocasio Justiniano, the alleged kidnappers, purchasing lighter fluid at a service station on their way to meet their victim.

In another photo, the convoy of cars was seen travelling down a highway to a construction site, where Aguasvivas was supposed to be shot, doused in the fluid, and ignited along with the car.

In addition, Dereck Alexis Rodriguez Bonilla, a man from central Florida, was among the most recent arrests. According to the prosecution, he drove his mother’s car to the construction site. He handed the kidnappers the gun they used to shoot Aguasvivas and a tow truck driver during a drive-by the night before the kidnapping.

After towing one of the suspects’ cars, the tow truck driver allegedly committed murder, according to the authorities.

Prosecutors claim that the suspects removed something from the rear of the tow truck driver’s vehicle after he passed away, but they did not provide any details.
According to court filings, some of the accused have reportedly already made partial confessions, making it more difficult for their lawyers to defend them.

Each of the four men could get a maximum sentence of execution.

Francisco Estrella, a former Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy, is also charged with many felonies in this case. He is accused of gaining unauthorized access to the victim’s spouse and disclosing information about it to the spouse, who was the deputy’s wife’s childhood friend.

Estrella, nevertheless, asserts that they have incorrectly connected him to the offences.

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