6-year-old New Jersey girl dies in accident involving badminton racquet while on vacation


A 6-year-old girl passed away this week after sustaining head trauma from a badminton racquet during a family vacation in Maine, as per the police.

The girl, named Lucy Morgan from Stockholm, New Jersey, tragically lost her life on Wednesday at Maine Medical Center in Portland following the accident on June 1 in Limerick, about 30 miles west of Portland, according to Maine State Police.

Reports from the police and her father, Jesse Morgan, who is a pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel in Newfoundland, New Jersey, revealed that the siblings were playing badminton in the front yard of a lake cottage in Limerick when the incident occurred.

A piece of the badminton racquet broke during a downward swing, causing a sharp part to enter Lucy’s skull while she was sitting on the sideline, leading to severe injury. Despite efforts, she remained unresponsive, and her father described the heartbreaking moments in a blog post associated with the chapel.

The police stated that the aluminum shaft of the badminton racquet dislodged from the wooden handle, striking Lucy in the head and piercing through her skull.

Lucy was initially taken to MaineHealth Maine Medical Center in Sanford and later airlifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland, where she was under medical care. Her father mentioned that she suffered from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, a condition caused by oxygen-depriving brain damage due to traumatic injury.

By Wednesday, it became apparent to her family that Lucy wouldn’t recover due to the severe brain injury and swelling she had endured.

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