Woman sues Netflix over Baby Reindeer character


Fiona Harvey, who claims to be the inspiration for the character Martha in the Baby Reindeer series, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Netflix spread false information about her to an audience of over 50 million worldwide.

The lawsuit, filed in a California court, seeks damages exceeding $170 million for Ms. Harvey. She contends that the series inaccurately portrayed her as a criminal who served time in prison for stalking. Netflix has stated its intent to vigorously defend against the lawsuit, supporting the show’s creator and star, Richard Gadd, in telling his story.

The series is based on Gadd’s reported experience of being stalked by a woman he encountered at a pub where he worked. Gadd has urged fans not to try to identify Martha, a character he initially mentioned in a stand-up routine. The show’s first episode indicates it is a true story, but the end credits clarify that while based on real events, certain elements have been fictionalized for dramatic effect. Notably, neither Gadd nor Harvey are directly named in the series, and Netflix and Gadd have not confirmed Martha’s inspiration.

During testimony before the Culture Media and Sport Committee in Parliament, Netflix executive Benjamin King described the series as a true account of the abuse suffered by Gadd from a convicted stalker. This statement was challenged by SNP’s John Nicolson, who questioned the evidence supporting Netflix’s claims of a criminal conviction for the woman linked to Martha. Ms. Harvey asserts in her lawsuit that…

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