Search under way after TV presenter Michael Mosley goes missing in Greece


A search and rescue mission is currently ongoing, with a police dog and a drone being used to search difficult-to-reach areas. Additionally, a helicopter has been dispatched from Athens to aid in the operation.

Mr. Mosley reportedly left his wife at the beach and embarked on a walk towards the center of the island on Wednesday. His phone was discovered at the accommodation where he was staying with his wife, who then reported him missing to the authorities, as mentioned by a police spokesperson speaking to BBC News.

Michael Mosley, a 67-year-old broadcaster, is well-known for his work on various programs such as the BBC series “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor,” as well as his appearances on shows like BBC’s “The One Show” and ITV’s “This Morning.”

Despite efforts by local officers, Mr. Mosley was not located, leading to a request for assistance from the Greek fire department in Athens. Firefighters from Rhodes arrived in Symi on Thursday to join the search efforts.

Firefighters, volunteers, and police personnel, aided by a police dog and a drone, are actively searching for Mr. Mosley. Authorities are also reviewing CCTV footage for any potential sightings of him.

The search operation is concentrated in the Pedi area of Symi, following a reported sighting of Mr. Mosley there by a woman on Wednesday, as shared by the island’s deputy mayor, Ilias Chaskas, in an interview with BBC News. Despite the perceived danger of the area, the woman observed Mr. Mosley on a road in a safer section of Pedi.

The island’s mayor, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, mentioned that firefighters involved in the search expressed doubts about Mr. Mosley still being in the area. He indicated that due to the area’s size and population, if an incident had occurred there, they would likely have found him by now. Mr. Papakalodoukas suggested the possibility that Mr. Mosley may have taken a different route or fallen into the sea.

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