At least 4 people killed, 23 injured after trains collide in the Czech Republic, officials say


A head-on collision occurred between a passenger train and a freight train in the Czech Republic, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least four individuals and injuries to 23 others, according to officials who provided details early Thursday.

The incident, as reported by Interior Minister Vít Rakušan, occurred late Wednesday night in Pardubice, a city located around 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Prague. The high-speed passenger train involved belonged to the private company RegioJet.

Minister Rakušan mentioned that fortunately, none of the injured individuals were in critical condition.

Transport Minister Martin Kupka stated that the primary track connecting Prague to the eastern region of the country had to be shut down for investigation following the collision.

Kupka emphasized the importance of not speculating on the accident’s cause at this stage.

Czech Railways, the state-owned train company, indicated that due to the severity of the incident, the track is likely to remain closed throughout the day.

Rescuers reported that over 300 passengers were on board the high-speed train en route to Kosice in eastern Slovakia.

While the identities of the deceased were not immediately disclosed, it was noted that the train drivers survived the collision, as per the local CTK news agency.

The affected corridor in Pardubice holds significant importance for Czech Railways, and the company anticipates the line to remain closed tomorrow.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala expressed his deep sorrow over the crash, labeling it a major tragedy, and extended his sympathies to the bereaved families.

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