$485 Social Security Increase June 2024: Check Eligibility, Payout Dates, & More


Benefits from Social Security are adjusted for inflation and COLA adjustments, also adjust for inflation. In addition to the required payments that the residents are already receiving, the recipients will receive a $485 Social Security increase in June 2024. The SSA has not yet given its approval, but it is anticipated that the higher benefits will start in June 2024. You need to review the $485 Social Security Increase Eligibility 2024 in its entirety for information on benefits and the most recent payment date, which is provided in this post. You must read the entire post and confirm all the details if you are a beneficiary who will be receiving the Social Security Increase.

$485 Social Security Increase

After suffering as a result of the COVID-19 times, millions of Americans are now below the poverty threshold. The Social Security Administration administers the Social Security benefit, which entitles recipients to a monthly fixed income to supplement their retirement benefits. Everyone with a long history of employment who also has a high work credit history is eligible for the retirement benefit. If you think you qualify, you can receive the highest benefits at age 67 for a monthly payment of $3822. You must meet two requirements to be eligible for Social Security benefits: you must have 35 work credits and have worked for at least ten years.

Your Social Security payment will be made if all requirements are satisfied, and your benefit will now be enhanced to $485 per month. The people will receive substantial incomes as a result of the benefit increases, which will help them get through difficult financial times and save additional funds for retirement. To get the required benefits, you must now make sure that your $485 Social Security Increase Eligibility 2024 is up to date. Payment will be made on three separate dates in 2024, each of which corresponds to your birthday. On June 3, 2024, if you are receiving both retirement and SSI benefits, you will receive a larger payout. Your usual benefits will remain the same, but you will receive an increase of $485.

Article Tile $485 Social Security Increase June 2024
Benefit Under Agency (SSA) Social Security Administration 
Payment Name Social Security 
Country America 
Benefit To Retired and disabled individuals 
Age Limit 62 years or more
Income limit $168600
COLA 20243.2%
Benefit Amount $3822 at full retirement age 
Increased benefit $485 each month 
Frequency Monthly 
$485 Social Security Increase Payment Date 2024June 2024 onwards 
Post TypeFinance
Website ssa.gov

The Social Security Administration has been closely monitoring inflation and assessing whether the benefit amount is sufficient to maintain the people’s standard of living. Because of the rising cost of living and inflation, the benefit has not been sufficient. The 3.2% COLA that took effect in January 2024 will also increase Social Security income.


Residency United States 
Age Limit 62 years or above 
Taxes Social Security Taxes have been paid 
Work Credits 35 or more 
Income Limits $168600
Working Years 10 years or more 
Disability condition Yes 
Retirement Yes 

When to Expect Payment?

The recipients will get their Social Security benefits monthly according to the day of their birth in any particular month or year. The $485 payment that was initially scheduled to begin in June 2024 will be resolved shortly, and you will get the money on the specified dates.

Particulars $485 Social Security Increase Payment Date 2024
SSI and Retirement benefits before 19973rd Date (3 June)
1st Social Security Payment (1st to 10th is Birth Date)2nd Wednesday (12 June 2024)
2nd Social Security Payment (11th to 20th is Birth Date)3rd Wednesday (18 June 2024)
3rd Social Security Payment (21st to 31st is Birth Date)4th Wednesday (26 June 2024)

Please take note that due to the 19th being a national holiday, the second $485 Social Security Increase Payment Date of 2024 has been moved from the 19th to the 18th.

The concept of a massive monthly benefit increase is fantastic, but until the SSA confirms it, it cannot be considered real. You must wait for any notification from the SSA to get the payment. But if this turns out to be true, the elders will gain a great deal from it. It is currently highly anticipated that this much-awaited announcement will shortly become official.

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