Erich Anderson Dies: Here’s What You Need To Know


Renowned for his contributions to “Felicity” and “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter,” Erich Anderson passed away after a “painful” fight with cancer. He was sixty-seven.

Saxon Trainor, the spouse of Anderson, verified to Fox News Digital that her spouse passed away on Saturday, June 1.

“Erich was my best friend. I was fortunate to love him and to be loved by him,” she said. “He was an extraordinary man with an incisive mind, intense curiosity and an interest in and concern for others.”

“He brought grit, determination and humor to every day of his painful ordeal with cancer.”

“And no matter how bad things got, Erich remained grateful for all the joys he had in life, and for his loving family and friends. Erich and I would like to thank all who were and are a part of EOLOA. They provide a great service for us all.”

When Anderson first entered the entertainment business in the early 1980s, he had over 100 credits to his name from his role as a soldier in “For Love and Honor.”

His second performance, as Rob Dier in “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter,” was not only his cinematic debut but also one of his most memorable.

After that, he had another standout role in “Bay City Blues” as pitcher Bobby Stang. After that, Anderson pursued his acting career, appearing in episodes of “Tour of Duty,” “Hard Copy,” “Murder, She Wrote,” and “Thirtysomething.”

In the 1998 “Felicity” pilot, Anderson played Keri Russell’s father, Dr. Edward Porter. He later made a few guest appearances in the popular WB drama.

Several episodes of “NYPD Blue,” “The Outer Limits,” “BoomTown,” “Knight Rider,” “Bosch,” and “Close to Home” were among his credits.

In 2022, Anderson’s final endeavor involved providing the voice of Henry Reed for the podcast series “The Big Lie.”

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