Missing Texas teen found 63 miles away from home after leaving chilling ‘goodbye’ note for family


A 17-year-old girl from Texas who went missing was reunited with her mother over 60 miles away from their home after leaving a worrying note. Geneva Hodge disappeared from Bellville and was missing for hours before her mother, Frances Schrader, found a note on her bed.

The note indicated a prolonged absence with a heartfelt message, causing concern for her safety. Schrader suspected someone might have influenced or guided her daughter in writing the note, as it didn’t seem like Geneva’s usual style.

Before her disappearance, there was an argument between them regarding a romantic relationship Geneva was reportedly involved in with an older man. Geneva left without her phone, any clothes, or using her debit card during her absence. Schrader feared for her daughter’s safety, especially concerning the risk of human trafficking due to Geneva being seen with an older man.

Fortunately, after four days, a stranger who saw a missing poster contacted Schrader to inform her they had found Geneva in Spring, Texas, around 63 miles from their home. Schrader then drove to Spring to bring her daughter back home.

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