One dead, dozens injured in Ohio mass shooting


One person lost their life, and at least 24 others got hurt in a tragic shooting incident in the state of Ohio, USA. The dreadful event took place shortly after midnight in Akron, near Kelly Street and 8th Avenue.

Reports mention that the officers found numerous bullet casings and a gun at the scene. The Akron Police Department has confirmed that no suspects have been arrested or identified yet, and an investigation is currently ongoing.

The police force informed the BBC that around 25 individuals were shot, with one fatality. They mentioned that many of the victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries, but some are in a more critical condition.

Akron’s Mayor, Shammas Malik, and Police Chief Brian Harding released a joint statement on social media, expressing their commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice. They acknowledged the pain and trauma caused by the violence, calling for unity in seeking answers.

The statement encouraged anyone with information about the incident to come forward anonymously. It emphasized the importance of speaking up to prevent further violence and retaliation.

The city officials and the Akron Police Department reiterated their dedication to public safety and their goal to combat gun violence in the community.

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