Dad takes 43-year missing daughter protest to No 10


The father of a girl who disappeared 43 years ago has taken his protest over the handling of the case by the Royal Military Police to Downing Street. Richard Lee’s daughter Katrice went missing on her second birthday near a British military base in Paderborn, Germany, in 1981.

He traveled from Hartlepool to Downing Street on Friday to hand back his army medals. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has expressed sympathy for the family. Mr. Lee, a former warrant officer, served in the Army for over 30 years, including in the 15th/19th Royal King’s Hussars in the former West Germany.

He tried to return his Northern Ireland general service medal and another medal awarded for 30 years of service and good conduct, but was informed they are considered “personal belongings.” Mr. Lee plans to write to the master of arms at the Houses of Parliament to return the medals there.

He and around 30 other veterans gathered at Downing Street close to 15:00 BST. Mr. Lee emphasized that he values finding out where Katrice is over the medals. He is determined to seek justice for his daughter’s case and believes she was abducted. In 2012, the Royal Military Police apologized for shortcomings in the initial investigation and launched inquiries under Operation Bute. A search of the Alme river and the release of a photo-fit of a man seen putting a child in a car have been part of the ongoing efforts to find Katrice.

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