Ryan Sutter Confirms His Wife Trista “Is Fine” After Posting Cryptic Black and White Photos


Trista Sutter has reunited with her husband Ryan Sutter and their children Maxwell and Blakesley. She has now opened up about her recent journey. Trista took to Instagram on May 25, sharing a photo of her family on the beach and humorously expressed her feelings, “Geez people. Can’t a girl have a nervous breakdown/trial separation/midlife crisis/death/divorce in peace around here?!” She reassured her followers that she is safe, happy, healthy, in love, and grateful.

Trista highlighted the importance of self-care and personal growth, with the unwavering support of her family and friends. She mentioned her husband’s rare public display of affection on social media, emphasizing that he chose to express his love for her during her journey. Trista hinted at sharing more details in the future but is currently focusing on relaxation and enjoying time with her family on a beach in Mexico.

Trista Sutter, the former Bachelorette, recently reunited with her husband Ryan Sutter and kids Maxwell and Blakesley. She shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, mentioning her journey and the importance of self-care.

Trista expressed gratitude for the support of her loved ones during this time. She also highlighted her husband’s public display of affection on social media, showing his love for her. Currently, they are enjoying some relaxing time on a beach in Mexico. It’s great to see them coming together and focusing on positivity and well-being!

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