Person Dies After Falling Into Plane Engine: Know More Here


On Wednesday, at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, someone fell into an aeroplane jet engine and died.

“An incident occurred this afternoon on the platform of Schiphol [Airport] where a person fell into a running aircraft engine and died,” the Netherlands Royal Military police said in a post on the social media platform X on Wednesday.

The police continued by saying that they were looking into the incident’s circumstances.

It’s unclear if the individual was a staff member or a passenger.

According to air carrier KLM, passengers were on board the plane when the terrible incident happened. The flight was headed for Billund, in central Denmark.

The military police reported that they were attended to when the passengers and staff disembarked.

“We are currently taking care of the passengers and employees who witnessed the incident at Schiphol,” KLM added on Wednesday.

One of the largest aircraft hubs in Europe, Schiphol Airport, called the occurrence a “horrible incident” in a post on X.

The statement read, “We are concerned for the passengers and coworkers who witnessed this, and our thoughts are with the relatives.”

Regretfully, there have been other instances of people passing away in this way.

After likewise getting ingested into an aircraft’s engine, an airport worker at Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama perished in an accident in December 2022.

The National Transportation Safety Board, a government organization, stated that the Embraer 170 aircraft, which is flown by regional airline Envoy Air, was “parked at the gate with the parking brake set when a ground support personnel was ingested.”

Additionally, an engineer at the Mumbai airport perished in December 2015 after being trapped into an Air India aircraft’s engine.

According to an Air India official at the time, the fatal incident occurred while the Airbus A319 was being dragged backward from the parking space in preparation for taxiing away. Standing next to the landing gear beneath the plane’s nose, the deceased engineer oversaw the operation.

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