New Albany Police Looking For Missing 14-Year-Old Boy


Police in New Albany have discovered the body of a 14-year-old kid who vanished while swimming on Memorial Day.

According to the police, Andre Edwards Jr. was swimming at Silver Creek, which is close to Providence Way on Monday.

According to Indiana DNR spokesman Jim Schreck, the youngster was having fun in the creek with friends and family when he fell from the dam or slid.

The Indiana Conservation Office, the Clarksville fire and police departments, and the New Albany police and fire departments responded to the area at around 4 p.m. to search for the youngster.

Authorities reported that Edwards was discovered dead in the location where he was last seen after nearly six hours of searching for him.

Schreck stated that there is a potentially fatal wave beneath the dam that might trap people, however, the cause of death is not yet known. He added that rapid water was a problem.

According to officials, the inquiry into his death is still underway.

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