Michigan Shooting Leaves 17-Year-Old Dead: Know More Here


Early on Monday morning in Lansing, Michigan, multiple people were shot and a 17-year-old kid died, according to the police.

A news release from the department states that at around 2:50 a.m., Lansing police responded to the incident downtown.

“When officers arrived, they found a large crowd of people and multiple shooting victims,” said the release. “The Lansing Fire Department responded to treat and transport several of the victims to a local hospital.”

According to authorities, seven persons between the ages of 15 and 20 were shot. According to the announcement, the 17-year-old passed away at a nearby hospital, and at least one person is in severe condition.

On Monday morning, there had been no arrests. According to the announcement, the gunshot “is believed to be an isolated incident.” The inquiry is still on.

According to local station WILX, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor released a statement advocating for increased state and federal action on gun regulation.

This is an instance of people settling disputes with firearms. My condolences are with the victims and their families,” Schor wrote in her statement.

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