‘Despite our utmost efforts…’: Netanyahu calls Israeli strike in Rafah a ‘tragic mistake’ that killed 45 people


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed deep regret over a devastating incident that occurred during an Israeli strike in Rafah, Gaza. The strike resulted in a fire at a camp housing displaced Palestinians, leading to a tragic loss of life, with at least 45 people reported dead, as confirmed by local officials. This unfortunate event has intensified the global criticism directed at Israel for its conflict with Hamas, prompting condemnation even from its closest allies due to the civilian casualties.

Netanyahu acknowledged the grave error made during the strike but did not provide further details. Israel maintains its commitment to international law, despite facing increasing scrutiny in international courts. Initially, the Israeli military stated that the airstrike targeted a Hamas compound, resulting in the deaths of two senior militants. However, as information about the strike and its consequences unfolded, the military launched an investigation into the civilian fatalities.

The attack on Sunday night, one of the deadliest incidents in the ongoing conflict, has contributed to the rising death toll among Palestinians, surpassing 36,000 according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Netanyahu, addressing Israel’s parliament, expressed sorrow over the unintended harm caused to innocent civilians, emphasizing ongoing investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Eyewitness Mohammed Abuassa, who rushed to the scene in Tel al-Sultan, described the harrowing situation where rescuers encountered individuals in critical conditions, underscoring the severity of the impact on the affected population.

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