‘A renewed appreciation.’ Taps, 21-gun salute and speakers part of Santa Maria Memorial Day ceremony


In Santa Maria at the Santa Maria Cemetery, a large crowd gathered for Monday’s Memorial Day Ceremony. Many came not only to pay their respects but also to recognize the sacrifices made by our service men and women throughout our nation’s history for our freedom.

The ceremony featured Taps and a 21-gun salute, with Colonel Mark Shoemaker from Vandenberg Space Force Base being one of the two speakers. “A renewed appreciation for the sacrifices that the military men had to give for their country, you know, giving lives in sacrifice for freedom,” stated Col. Shoemaker.

Community members attended the event to show support for their loved ones. “My Stepdad, Leander Gatewood, Army. My brother, Harvey Foreman, Air Force, and my nephew is a Marine. So, honoring the fallen as well as those who have served and are currently serving,” shared Santa Maria resident, Pat Foreman.

For all those present, there was a sense of remembrance and reflection on those who had made the ultimate sacrifice and thoughts for the safe return home of those currently serving.

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