Stan Van Gundy reveals wife died by suicide: ‘Devastating’


Stan Van Gundy, who tragically lost his wife on August 16 at the age of 61, shared details about her unexpected passing.

The former NBA coach and TV basketball analyst disclosed that his wife, Kim Van Gundy, died by suicide. In a heartfelt conversation with his friend and sports talk show host Dan Le Batard on the “South Beach Sessions” podcast, Stan expressed the profound impact of his wife’s death, stating, “She took her own life, Dan. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever get over that… It was devastating.”

Stan Van Gundy, who had been with Kim since he was 24, reflected on their more than 30 years of marriage, emphasizing the significant role she played in his life. He described how every aspect of his adult life was intertwined with hers, and he never envisioned a day without her by his side. Despite Kim’s mental health struggles, Stan was unprepared for her passing and continues to grapple with the reality that he won’t see her again.

Even after eight months, Stan finds it challenging to accept Kim’s absence. He actively tries to keep her memory alive by surrounding himself with pictures of her and holding onto her values. Stan acknowledges the profound impact Kim had on him, expressing his commitment to living a life that would make her proud.

Amidst his grief, Stan Van Gundy remains determined to honor his late wife by embodying her values and making choices that would reflect the person she was.

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