Here’s what every key witness said at Donald Trump’s hush money trial


The criminal trial of Donald Trump in New York has concluded with a total of 22 witnesses, including a porn actor, tabloid publisher, and White House insiders testifying. The prosecution presented 20 witnesses, while the defense called only two. Trump chose not to testify in his defense.

The trial will now proceed to closing arguments, set for Tuesday. The decision on Trump’s guilt or innocence regarding the alleged falsification of his company’s business records to conceal stories of marital infidelity during his 2016 presidential campaign will rest with the 12 jurors. Trump maintains his innocence and has pleaded not guilty.

The jurors will need to assess the evidence and credibility of the witnesses to reach a unanimous decision. The case involves 11 checks sent to Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, along with related invoices and company ledger entries.

Testimony from witnesses like Daniels, who described feeling pressured by the situation but not physically threatened by Trump, will play a crucial role in the jury’s deliberation.

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