Al Roker Participates In The Viral “Boyfriend” Trend, Freezing The Internet


The internet was rocked lately by Al Roker, America’s favourite weatherman, who joined in on one of the viral social media phenomena.

In a video posted to the TODAY Show’s Instagram page, the 69-year-old presenter was seen fixedly staring at the camera for a staggering 15 seconds.

Roker’s colleague asked viewers in the video, “Hey guys, could you watch Al for a little while? I have to take action.” Viewers, seemingly naive, settled in for a typical clip. But Roker paused, as if the weight of the entire internet watching him paralyzed him. He stood there, perfectly channeling his inner wax figure with hilarious precision, for a good fifteen seconds.

The TODAY Show’s caption on this post read: “Have you ever had a staring contest with Al Roker? Because now you have. “

In this humorous performance, Roker parodied a popular social media challenge in which users are asked to entrust their “boyfriends”—or anyone—to the internet “for a quick second.” Since its April beginning, this trend has grown to be one of the most popular on social media.

Roker has previously demonstrated his adeptness with social media. His absence from the TODAY Show earlier this month raised questions. Roker, however, had a very valid explanation: he was giving the commencement speech to the class of 2024 at Fisk University.

Al Roker is firmly establishing himself as America’s Dad by captivating audiences with his weather forecasts, wise counsel, and lighthearted social media antics.

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