U.S. Plans to Sue Ticketmaster Owner, Accusing It of Defending a Monopoly


The Justice Department and a group of states are planning to sue Live Nation Entertainment, the concert giant that owns Ticketmaster. They aim to file the lawsuit on Thursday, alleging that Live Nation has unlawfully maintained a monopoly in the live entertainment industry.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the government will argue that Live Nation strengthened its dominance through Ticketmaster’s exclusive ticketing contracts with concert venues and its control over concert tours and other related businesses like venue management.

This alleged monopoly has led to increased prices and fees for consumers, limited innovation in the ticket industry, and hindered competition. The lawsuit will also claim that Live Nation’s tours were more likely to be held at venues where Ticketmaster was the exclusive ticket service, and that Live Nation’s artists often performed at venues it owns.

Live Nation’s significant presence in the concert industry, with its involvement in concert promotion, ticketing, artist management, and operation of numerous venues and festivals worldwide, sets it apart from its competitors.

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