Award-Winning Latin Musician Omar Geles Died Suddenly at 57 Years Old


The Latin music world mourned the loss of a legend recently. Omar Geles, a talented accordionist and composer, passed away at the age of 57 on May 21, 2024.

Omar began his musical journey with the folk music group Los Diablitos (The Little Devils) in Colombia in 1985. After leaving the group in 1991, he pursued a successful solo career while maintaining close ties with his former bandmates. He was recognized with two Latin Grammy award nominations during his lifetime.

Sadly, Omar faced health challenges leading up to his passing. His PR representative, Paul Bolaños, revealed that Omar suffered a heart attack while playing tennis at a country club, which led to his untimely death shortly after being rushed to the hospital.

Prior to this tragic event, Omar had to cancel a performance in San Jose, Calif., in April due to severe chest and arm pain. Despite being discharged from the hospital after a brief stay, the incident deeply affected him. He expressed gratitude for being alive and shared his intention to continue creating music.

Omar remained active on social media until his passing, engaging with his fans and sharing his music. His death has sparked an outpouring of condolences from fans and the music community, remembering him for his significant contributions to Latin American music.

Our hearts and thoughts are with Omar Geles’s family and loved ones during this challenging time.

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