Former Red Sox pitcher Austin Maddox arrested as part of underage sex sting operation


Austin Maddox, a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, got himself into some serious trouble down in Florida. He was arrested on Monday as part of a sting operation targeting underage sex offenders. The Jacksonville Sheriff, T.K. Waters, revealed that Maddox was one of 27 individuals apprehended in a joint effort by multiple law enforcement agencies.

According to officials, Maddox and the others who were arrested are facing charges of soliciting sex from individuals they believed to be children through online means. But here’s the thing: Maddox, who is 33 years old, plans to fight these allegations. His defense attorney, James Hill, stated that if formal charges are brought against him, Maddox will plead not guilty.

Currently, Maddox is facing four felony counts, including the charge of traveling to meet a child after using a computer to solicit them. He’s being held in jail, and his bail has been set at $300,000. During the sting operation, Maddox was caught communicating with an undercover agent who posed as a 14-year-old girl. According to the arrest report, Maddox expressed his desire to engage in sexual activity with the girl, unaware that she was actually an undercover agent.

These are serious allegations, and the legal process will determine the outcome. It’s important to let the justice system do its job and ensure a fair trial for all involved.

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