24k Gold iPad Pro Priced At Rs 10 lakh: Check Everything Here!


A limited edition iPad Pro Cross-Cross 2024 was just revealed by Dubai-based luxury device manufacturer Caviar as a part of its Desperado line. The distinctive design of the customized iPad Pro was influenced by the well-known comic book characters Wolverine and Deadpool, who will feature in the July release of the film Deadpool and Wolverine.

Two crossed black Desert Eagle insignia and a 24-karat gold surrounding panel may be found on the rear of the iPad Pro. The tablet’s titanium case employs the PVD coating technique, which is frequently used in high-end Swiss watches.

There will only be 99 of these special iPad Pros made by Caviar. They will come in 11- and 13-inch variants and have both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Options for storage vary from 256 GB to 2 TB. Starting at ₹12,200 (about ₹10,18,650) for the 11-inch device, the bigger 13-inch model is priced at ₹12,630 (around ₹10,54,550).

The highly anticipated Deadpool and Wolverine movie, which is sure to generate a lot of hype among fans of the comic book characters, comes out at the same time as the special edition tablet. The Caviar iPad Pro Criss-Cross 2024 presents a singular chance for enthusiasts and collectors to possess high-end technology honouring these iconic superheroes.

Similar to other Caviar products, there will only be 99 iPad Pro Criss-Cross 2024s produced globally.

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