Missing Boater’s Body Discovered in Lake Minneola


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Development Commission reports that a missing boater jumped from a vessel, leaving his body unaccounted for until Monday night.

Lake County officers who spoke with News 6 said the event occurred at Waterfront Park in downtown Clermont.

According to deputies, two persons sprang from the boat into the sea during that time, but only one came to the surface.

Reports of a 64-year-old male who “entered the water on Lake Minneola and is now missing” were received, according to FWC authorities.

Next, search and rescue activities were carried out in the region by the FWC, the Clermont Police Department, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The missing boater’s deceased corpse was eventually found by investigators around 6:45 p.m., according to FWC.

“The FWC would like to offer its condolences to his family during this trying time,” the organization declared. “This investigation will remain ongoing.”

As of right now, no further details have been given.

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