Bodies of missing hikers recovered, identified after disappearing on hike up California’s highest peak: report


The authorities have now confirmed that the bodies of the two missing hikers have been found and identified. They were last seen embarking on a hike up California’s highest peak, Mt. Whitney. The couple, Andrew Niziol, 28, and Patty Bolan, 29, were on a long-term hiking trip across the state.

It all started when other hikers in their group became worried after Bolan and Niziol didn’t return to their camp at Upper Boy Scout Lake. They were supposed to ski/snowboard down from the “Notch” and rejoin the group, but they never made it back. That’s when the search and rescue teams were called in.

After five days of intense searching, the search crew discovered two “fall victims” on the north face of Mount Whitney at an elevation of 13,200 feet. It’s just such a tragic ending to their adventure.

It’s heartbreaking to think about their last social media posts, where they were excitedly planning their Mount Whitney trip after their Mount Shasta experience. They may not have reached the peak due to bad weather, but they were still enjoying their time together. It’s really devastating that it ended this way.

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