Everything You Need To Know About UAlbany Freshman Alexa Kropf


According to her father on Monday, Alexa Kropf, the University at Albany student who was hospitalized for severe injuries after being struck by a dirt bike last month, is no longer in a coma and is not on a ventilator.

According to Jim Kropf, his 18-year-old daughter is still under sedation while she receives care for serious injuries, including brain trauma, that she sustained in the hit-and-run accident on April 26.

“Things are moving in a positive direction, just at a snail’s pace, which is expected,” Kropf said in a prepared statement.

But he added, “as positive as this all sounds, and it is, it doesn’t paint the true picture of what we are dealing with daily. Looking at her lying in bed head half shaved, 50 staples showing in her head from where they cut her skull open and her leg wrapped up with a rod in it.” 

His daughter was taken to the Albany Medical Center Hospital following the Hudson Avenue collision. Her injuries are severe; she needs treatment for five fractured ribs, a feeding tube, and pins to mend a damaged pelvis.

He remarked, “It makes you sick to your stomach and it gets worse knowing this piece of garbage is still out there.”

There have been no assaults. On Monday, an Albany Police spokesman stated that the officers are aggressively working on the investigation.

Witnesses informed police that a man swerved quickly between groups on the road, striking Kropf with the dirt bike before taking off. She was launched into the air and came to rest a few feet away.

Kropf was a first-year student at UAlbany. She was getting ready for finals before becoming hurt and leaving for her Long Island home of Floral Park.

Following the collision, the Albany County sheriff’s office confiscated illegal dirt bikes and motorbikes last week and issued more than twenty tickets for their improper use on municipal streets.

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