What is Susan Buckner Cause of Death? Susan Buckner, a Fame is No More


Susan Buckner, who played Patty Simcox in the famous musical Grease, passed away at 72.

Susan Buckner

What is Susan Buckner Cause of Death?

According to publicist Melissa Berthier, the American actress passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 2, surrounded by her loved ones. The reason for death has not been specified.

Who is Susan Buckner?

Buckner was best recognized for her appearance in Grease as Sandy’s Rydell High cheerleading friend, played by Olivia Newton-John. In a notable scene, Bucknell issues a rallying cry for the school, saying, “Do the splits, give a yell, show a little spirit for Old Rydell!” Way to go, red and white, Rydell; fight, fight.” After her mother’s death, Samantha Mansfield, Bucknell’s daughter, commented, “She was magic.” She was my best buddy. And I’ll miss her every day. “I was lucky I had such a lightning rod of a mother, and now I have her as an angel.”

Buckner, who was born in Seattle, rose to prominence on the pageant circuit, winning Miss Washington in 1971 and represented the state in the Miss America competition the following year. She applied her skills in the entertainment sector, joining the singing and dancing group The Golddiggers, which appeared on The Dean Martin Show. She also appeared on the Mac Davis Show, Sonny and Cher, and The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Buckner eventually left Hollywood to raise her children, Adam Josephs and Mrs. Mansfield. She is also survived by her grandchildren Oliver, Riley, Abigail, and Ruby, as well as her sister Linda, daughter-in-law Noel Josephs, son-in-law Adam Mansfield, and long-term boyfriend Al.

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