Security Guard Shot Dead at Drake House Shooting


Police in Toronto say a security guard was shot overnight outside the house of Canadian musician Drake.

Drake shooting

What do the Officials Say?

According to police, suspects in a car shot the guard at the corner of the Park Lane Circle home at 02:00 EDT (06:00 GMT) on Tuesday before fleeing the scene. It is unknown whether Drake was at home at the time of the event or if he was the intended target of the shooting. He is currently locked in a verbal feud with US rapper Kendrick Lamar. However, police claimed it was too early in their investigation to discuss a motive. “We have been in contact with [Drake’s] team, and they are cooperating,” Inspector Paul Krawczyk of the Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force told reporters Tuesday morning.

He stated that authorities are now reviewing the footage from the shooting but are not disclosing any information due to video quality difficulties. He noted that the victim was in bad condition in the hospital.

Witness statement:

Witnesses told Canadian media that he had multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the chest. Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow told reporters that she had been briefed by police on the incident but declined to share specifics. “Any shooting is not welcome in this city, and I hope the police will find the people that are violating the law and catch them,” she stated. Drake and Lamar’s lyrical feud has become highly personal, with both rappers exchanging “diss tracks” over the weekend.

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