Rashida Tlaib Calls For ICC Arrest Warrant: Know More Here


The first female Palestinian American member of Congress, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, is requesting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be placed under arrest by the International Criminal Court.

She requested a statement on Tuesday, at a time when Democrats are attempting to resolve severe internal party disagreements on the status of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and the IDF’s start of combat operations in Rafah, a significant Gazan city.

House Republicans, meanwhile, are reiterating their plans to censure Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) over remarks she made at Columbia University, the scene of ongoing, contentious protests that have occasionally descended into antisemitic rhetoric, alleging that some Jewish students were “pro-genocide.”

“There is nowhere safe in Gaza,” Tlaib said in a statement. “I urge the ICC to swiftly issue arrest warrants for Netanyahu and senior Israeli officials to finally hold them accountable for this genocide.”

Citing President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, Tlaib has previously failed to call on supporters to support Biden for reelection in November. Tlaib and other leftists have often been chastised by Republicans, who have mostly sided with Israel following the attacks on October 7.

For this reason, in response to Omar’s latest remarks at Columbia, “we should not have to tolerate antisemitism or bigotry for all Jewish students — whether they are pro-genocide or anti-genocide,” House Republicans are ready to formally pursue another censure of Omar.

While he added that he would not make his resolution privileged, which would have compelled a swift vote, Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) reaffirmed on Tuesday that he would seek censure.

“It’s just unacceptable, so I want to take a bold stand,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “I don’t like me forcing stuff on the agenda when [Speaker Mike Johnson] has got so many other things.”

He implied that several Democrats had privately told him they would back his resolution, predicting that many would.

Representative Jackie Rogers for Congresswoman Omar responded to the censure motion with a statement that read, “Congresswoman Omar clearly condemned antisemitism and bigotry for all Jewish students.” The goal of attempts to misinterpret her remarks is to draw attention away from the ongoing slaughter and bloodshed in Gaza as well as the significant antiwar demonstrations taking place both domestically and internationally.”

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