2.6-Magnitude Aftershock Reported In New Jersey: Know More Here


An aftershock measuring 2.6 magnitude was recorded near Gladstone, New Jersey, on Wednesday morning, according to the US Geological Survey. The U.S.G.S. reports that the aftershock occurred at approximately 7:01 a.m.

Before this one, the most recent aftershock occurred this past Saturday near Gladstone and had a magnitude of 2.8. In a similar vein, Gladstone received reports of an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.6 early on April 10.

“As soon as I feel it’s gonna be an aftershock, the adrenaline shoots through me,” Gladstone resident Barbara Howard said.

The 4.8-magnitude earthquake that shocked millions of people in the New York City region in early April was only two weeks ago when the aftershock occurred on Wednesday.

The epicentre occurred approximately 45 miles west of New York City, close to Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

Since then, the surrounding area has experienced several other earthquakes, and experts warn that minor aftershocks may occur days or even weeks after the main event.

James Bourke works as a fellow at Rutgers University’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. The numerous seismic detecting devices he has planted are reflected in the bandages covering his hands and arms.

“Potentially for a location like this that we have 35 so close, might be able to do three-dimensional imaging — maybe not to the depth of the fault, but certainly things that may have gotten shaken around above it, directly beneath our feet,” Bourke said.

Many of them are plugged into the earth at Gladstone’s Fairview Farm by Bourke. It belongs to the Association of Raritan Headwaters. Raritan Headwater Executive Director Mara Tippett explains that this is because earthquakes might disturb the high quantities of arsenic present in the Piedmont region.

The greatest earthquake to strike the Tri-State region since 1973 measured 4.8 on the Richter scale.

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