Facebook Settlement: Pay Out Date and How to Check Status


After Facebook settled a big privacy lawsuit this year, many users applied for a share of the money the platform agreed to pay out. Sadly, over 500,000 Americans who applied have had their claims rejected, and more rejections might be on the way as they sort through the claims.

If you applied, here’s what you need to know: how to check if your claim was rejected, where to see your claim status, and why it’s tough to predict when you’ll receive your payment.

If Meta, the tech giant that owns Facebook, agreed to pay $725 million to users impacted by its privacy practices. Users were notified in April and had until August 25th to apply.

The judge approved the settlement on October 11th after some objections, and now we’re in the appeals phase. 28 million Americans applied for a settlement through Angeion, the company handling the case, making it the most applied-for claim in US history.

The claim was rejected, you might have received an email notification. Check your inbox and spam folder. You have up to 10 days to appeal the decision. It could be helpful to have Angeion review your claim.

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