Seattle Public Schools ‘Reviewing’ Teacher Comments about Murder of Israeli Women.


Ian Golash, the Seattle teacher known for his appalling defense of Hamas’ atrocities against Israelis, is at it again. This time, he hauled youngsters out of class — allegedly without parental approval — to be recorded spewing antisemitic bile. Exclusive to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, we’ve found that Golash appears to have used taxpayer funds to encourage students to boycott pro-Israel businesses. The narrative escalated when The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH revealed Golash’s disturbing syllabus and Hamas’ social media defenses. It prompted Adam Guillette of Accuracy in Media to confront him. AIM, armed with a camera team and a mobile billboard condemning Golash’s antisemitism, documented the entire confrontation.

Ian Golash Denying the Incident:

Did Seattle instructor Ian Golash justify Hamas’ abuse, murder, and kidnapping? Yes.

The confrontation was centered on Golash’s earlier support for Hamas, which saw murder and kidnapping as legitimate forms of “resistance.” In a Facebook post dated January 27, 2024, Golash stated, “Yes, I believe that resistance against colonialism–and yes, I believe Israel is a settler colonial state–and all forms of oppression are justified.” Oppressed people get to select what means of resistance are most effective for them, not me or anybody else, especially the oppressors.

After twice denying there is evidence of abuse and asking, “Where’s the evidence?” Guillette questioned Golash, “Were women murdered at the Music Festival?” “They were,” Golash acknowledged. “Was that justified?” Guillette asked. After a three-second pause, Golash responded, “Yes.” “The murder of innocent women just attending a music festival, that was justified in your opinion?” Guillette replied. “No, I believe resistance to Israel is justified. “Yes,” Golash answered.

Golash’s Student asks why SPS has not Fired him Yet:

Golash’s pupil questions why SPS hasn’t fired him yet. Golash took his classroom off campus to meet with Guillette and be interviewed. There did not appear to be parental consent, which is typically required. An SPS spokeswoman declined to address questions on student involvement. However, one student who spoke with Guillette said they thought Golash was too severe for the classroom. “Honestly, how did he not get fired? “I mean…” I’ve read his social media posts. He is antisemitic. “And I believe he’s a criminal,” a pupil told Guillette on tape. The pupil is referring to Golash’s arrest record.

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