Man, Boy in Custody after Armed Carjacking in Seattle Turns into Pursuit to Mercer Island.


A guy and a juvenile child are in custody following an armed carjacking in Seattle on Sunday afternoon. According to police, the carjacking occurred shortly after 1:04 p.m., when two suspects grabbed a person’s blue Toyota at gunpoint. Fortunately, the victim was not hurt. The stolen vehicle was spotted traveling northbound on Martin Luther King Jr Way South, and officers followed it.

What Happened?

An armed carjacking in South Seattle sparked a chase that culminated on Mercer Island with the arrest of two perpetrators and a massive police response. Just after 1:04 p.m. on Sunday, Seattle Police officers responded to a complaint of a carjacking at South Myrtle Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. Police claimed two males stole the victim’s blue Toyota at gunpoint. The victim was not harmed. Officers launched a chase When they noticed the stolen car driving north on Martin Luther King Jr Way South. The stolen automobile finally made its way eastbound on Interstate 90 to Mercer Island via Island Crest Way. The car eventually came to a stop after veering into the mud.

What does Richard Moller Say?

Richard Moller, a longtime Mercer Island resident, said he was walking his dog when he noticed the significant police response. Moller claimed he saw officers looking for individuals in the bushes behind the Island Synagogue on East 47th Street. There was also a lot of police activity around Island Crest Way and 82nd. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Moller added, noting at least 26 police cars from Seattle and Mercer Island. According to police, two suspects, a male and a teenage boy, have been arrested. A gun was also retrieved.

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