Deputies Respond to ‘Shooting Incident’ at Clackamas Town Center. What Happened?


Early Sunday evening, gunfire erupted outside the Clackamas Town Centre, leaving gunshot casings and a pair of shoes strewn over the parking lot, but no one was injured. 

Clackamas Town Center Incident Explained:

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office stated the incident occurred shortly before 6 p.m. on Sunday. However, no one was wounded, Sgt. Nate Thompson told KOIN 6 News that “multiple things were hit.” Evidence markers indicating firearm shells were placed across the parking area outside the Cheesecake Factory. “We found several bullet casings. “There was a pair of shoes left behind,” Thompson explained. “Multiple objects were hit. So we’re still figuring out what was hit and what was damaged.

What do the Officials Say?

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office notified KOIN 6 News that there was “an associated vehicle” in the incident. A winning Powerball jackpot ticket worth $1.3 billion was sold in Portland, Oregon. One witness, John, told KOIN 6 News that he was out to dinner with his girlfriend when “we started hearing gunshots.” John heard the initial gunfire outside the Clackamas Town Centre — “there’s probably about ten rounds there” — and reacted quickly. “Everybody was attempting to save lives. That’s what was going on,” he explained. “I just saw those trees over there, and my natural impulse was to plunge in. “She was coming with me.”

Thompson said deputies arrived at the mall in minutes. “At this point, they did not locate any victims or suspects at the mall.” Investigators interviewed many witnesses who remained at the mall. They’re collecting video footage from the cameras to figure out what happened. The sheriff’s office feels this is an isolated incident. “There is always that chance when you come here,” he remarked. “Generally, this is a family-oriented, safe place to come.”

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