Chandler Parsons challenged Dawn Staley. What happened in Detail?


Chandler Parsons, a former NBA player, was among those who spoke out after South Carolina Gamecocks basketball coach Dawn Staley was asked about transgender participation in women’s sports. 

Chandler Parsons challenged Dawn Staley:

Staley stated her support for transgender participation in women’s athletics, eliciting a flood of responses on social media. Parsons, who played at Florida before becoming a key player for the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, had one question regarding the statements. “So, if Zach Edey wants to be a woman (sic), he can play against you next season?” he responded. Even if it were most likely rhetorical, Edey would not be permitted to play in Parsons’ situation. He would have to have at least one calendar year of suppression treatment and provide documentation twice a year, once during the weeks of participating in the NCAA finals.

During a news conference, OutKick’s Dan Zaksheske asked Staley for her thoughts on the hot topic in the United States. “I believe that women should play. If you identify as a woman and wish to participate in sports, you should be able to do so. That is my opinion. “You want me to go deeper?” she asked. “That is the question you want to ask; I will answer it. Yes, indeed. So the Barnstormer guys will swarm my timeline and distract me on one of our game’s most important days, and I’m fine with it. “I am,” she said.

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