Holocaust Survivor Share stories with Students in Port Jefferson


Chelsea Margolis, a junior at Smithtown High School West, is participating in “Names, Not Numbers,” a documentary film project sponsored by the Suffolk Y JCC, the school district stated. The project will involve pupils telling the memories of local Holocaust survivors. The programme enhances standard history lectures by including Holocaust research, video production, interviewing skills, and film editing.

Survivor Stories:

“We hear about it on TV, but when you actually speak to the person, it’s different,” Margolis said of the project, according to a press release. “Even if you’re not Jewish it was a great experience to learn about someone’s story.” Margolis stated that she began working on the project in November, meeting and interviewing three Holocaust survivors. “The one who stood out the most to me was Rosalie Simon, who was 10 years old during the Holocaust,” she recalled. “She taught me to always follow your dreams because she always followed hers….she made me want to learn more about my heritage.” The film will premiere on April 7 at 6 p.m. at the Suffolk Y JCC, which is located at 74 Hauppauge Road in Commack.

Holocaust survivors shared stories with students:

He now travels across the country, telling his survival tale with kids of all ages. With his two daughters, he founded the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Fund, which generates funds for schools to fund Holocaust education curriculum. “You have to teach; you have to show people why these things happen. “Why did some people rise to power,” remarked Schonwetter. Schonwetter believes that understanding the horrors done during the Holocaust is critical for everyone, not only Jews, in order to prevent history from repeating itself. “Unfortunately, you have to remember what happened and keep this in mind and not forget,” Schonwetter went on to say.

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