Women’s NCAA Final Four Tickets: Shocking Price Surge Doubles Men’s Cost


College basketball’s women’s NCAA Final Four tickets cost twice as much as the men’s semifinals this week. 

Logitix, a technology business that analyzes prices across platforms, reported that the average resale price for women’s semifinal tickets was $2,323, while men’s was $1,001.21.

This large price difference illuminates various elements affecting these prestigious collegiate basketball events’ ticket market dynamics.

On Friday, the 19,432-seat Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland will host women’s games involving strong schools including Iowa, Connecticut, South Carolina, and North Carolina State. 

Women’s NCAA Final Four Commands Premium Prices

College basketball’s women’s NCAA Final Four tickets cost twice as much as the men’s semifinals this week.

The men’s semifinals on Saturday will pit Purdue against North Carolina State and Connecticut versus Alabama at Glendale’s 63,400-seat State Farm Stadium.

Due to seat shortage, women’s games have higher ticket pricing than men’s games. The men’s venue has three times the seating capacity of the women’s venue, hence it has more tickets. 

Scarcity and demand have driven women’s NCAA Final Four ticket prices to record highs.The outstanding skill of University of Iowa players like Caitlin Clark has increased demand for women’s basketball tickets. 

Clark, Division I’s all-time top scorer, has captivated basketball fans nationally, boosting ticket sales and fanfare. 

The Iowa Hawkeyes have played to sell out audiences at home and on the road all season, demonstrating women’s college basketball’s growing popularity.

Logitix also found both women’s and men’s semifinal ticket prices rose significantly year-over-year. 

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NCAA’s Ticket Strategies for Final Four Events

Most women’s semifinal tickets sold for $400.29 in 2023, while men’s sold for $636.43. This year, women’s semifinal tickets average $1,131.78, while men’s average $993.70.

Despite ticket prices fluctuating on the resale market, the NCAA offers ticket packages for all three Final Four games, which are sold out. 

These packages, which included semifinal and final tickets, were priced from $200 to $400 for women’s games and $250 to $900 for men’s games, reflecting the NCAA’s efforts to make these events affordable for fans.

Due to their varied dates and digital entrance QR codes, semifinal and final tickets are sold separately on the resale market. Fans can buy tickets for games depending on their choices and availability with this segmentation.

The difference in ticket pricing between the women’s NCAA Final Four and the men’s semifinals shows how college basketball is changing and how women’s sports are becoming more popular. 

The popularity of women’s basketball is rising due to star players and tough matchups, attracting viewers across. 

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