Paige Bueckers Leads UConn’s Return to the Final Four with Win Over USC


Paige Bueckers made the most of her time this time around in the women’s NCAA Tournament after being forced to watch from the sidelines the previous year. 

Her persistent dedication, defensive prowess, and relentless push to the hoop helped UConn defeat Southern California in the regional final and earn a trip to the national semifinals.

In a memorable game versus USC, Bueckers scored 28 points to display her skill and leadership on the court. 

She outperformed JuJu Watkins, the rookie sensation from USC, especially on a pivotal run in the game’s last minutes. Bueckers produced an 11-point comeback, complete with game-winning baskets and assists, with the Huskies behind by only one point.

UConn’s Standout Performance in the Regional Final

Paige Bueckers made the most of her time this time around in the women’s NCAA Tournament after being forced to watch from the sidelines the previous year.

When she looked back on the victory, Bueckers called it one of her most fulfilling experiences. UConn overcame hardship, including injuries that reduced the team’s size, to secure its 23rd consecutive national semifinal appearance—more than any other university in history.

Bueckers’ tenacity and the teamwork of the players and coaching staff were commended by head coach Geno Auriemma, who also highlighted the obstacles they overcame over the season. 

Despite battling injuries herself, Bueckers has made a truly amazing comeback to the court. Her comeback from injury and her performance versus USC are examples of her strength and willpower.

UConn prevailed in a game marred by dispute about the 3-point line, but not before some thrilling late-game action. The Huskies managed to hold on and earn a spot in the Final Four despite missing a few free throws in the last minute.

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Trojans’ Efforts Fall Short Against Huskies

Even with a heroic effort from McKenzie Forbes and JuJu Watkins, USC was unable to overcome UConn’s unrelenting pressure and oppressive defense. 

Lindsay Gottlieb, the head coach, praised UConn for their outstanding performance even if the Trojans did not meet their Final Four expectations.

Paige Bueckers represents tenacity and resolve as UConn revels in its comeback to the national stage. 

Both her teammates and the audience find encouragement in her path from injury to triumph. All eyes will be on Bueckers as she seeks to lead her team to victory once more as the Huskies get ready to play Iowa in the Final Four. 

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