South Carolina Unfazed: Pride Radiates as Perfect Record Enters Sweet 16


The women’s basketball team from South Carolina is about to create history when they take on Indiana, the No. 4 seed, in the Sweet 16 encounter. 

The Gamecocks are only four wins away from being just the 10th team in NCAA women’s basketball history to complete a perfect season, with a perfect 34-0 record.

With an amazing 105-3 record over the previous three seasons and a stellar 21-1 record versus ranked opponents, the Gamecocks have been unstoppable. 

Guard Te-Hina Paopao says that the squad is more proud of themselves than they are under pressure, even though there is growing demand to join the elite group of teams with perfect seasons.

Pursuing Perfection in NCAA Women’s Basketball

The women’s basketball team from South Carolina is about to create history when they take on Indiana, the No. 4 seed, in the Sweet 16 encounter.

Indiana (26-5) on the other hand, is relishing their status as the underdog. Although her squad is not anticipated to win, head coach Teri Moren thinks that can be an inspiration.

“I think everybody else except for South Carolina right now is the underdog because of their perfect record,” Moren stated. Nobody, as far as I can tell, thinks South Carolina is beatable. That is definitely useful to you. You are gambling with household funds. Nothing is at stake for you.

In spite of South Carolina’s stellar record, Indiana has recently defeated the Gamecocks, giving them their lone defeat of the COVID-19-shortened 2019–20 campaign.

Yarden Garzon, an Indiana sophomore who is from Ra’anana, Israel, which is located roughly 14 miles (23 kilometers) north of Tel Aviv, claims that acquaintances and family are active in the Israel Defense Forces. 

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Indiana and South Carolina’s Sweet 16 Showdown

She has had difficulties, but she has found her teammates’ support and is still focused on the game.

“Everything I do right now is trying to raise awareness about what’s going on in Israel with the hostages,” added Garzon.

Both Indiana and South Carolina have distinct goals in mind as they prepare for their Sweet 16 matchup. 

South Carolina strives for excellence, and Indiana welcomes the challenge of taking on a strong foe. With a position in the Elite Eight on the line, this matchup between these two teams looks to be exciting. 

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