Jake Paul Seeks Revenge Against Tommy Fury, Fury Rejects Netflix Offer


Tommy Fury was Jake Paul’s first choice since it was the only bout he had lost up to that point in his boxing career. Those who are aware of how much Jake Paul has strengthened his competitive spirit along this trip will speak to this aspect. Fury is the opponent that Jake Paul feels he is capable of defeating, even if Mike Tyson managed to knock him out. 

Jake Paul himself just disclosed that an offer was made to fight Fury on Netflix as well, but Fury declined the offer. This information emphasizes Fury’s desire for vengeance, which was only recently exposed. 

In point of fact, Tommy has previously articulated that he does not have any need to engage in another battle with Jake Paul because he defeated him in their initial encounter. Because of this, Jake Paul might not be able to exact his retribution in the near future.

Tommy Fury is considered to be an idiot by Jake Paul.

Tommy Fury was Jake Paul’s first choice since it was the only bout he had lost up to that point in his boxing career.

If Tommy Fury had agreed to fight on Netflix, it would have been a huge payday for him. He would have been able to compete on the streaming service. In a recent episode of his podcast, Jake discussed this topic and said, “Most Valuable Promotions, myself, and my business partner Nakisa had been trying to find the right fight, the right time frame, and the right event.” 

In addition, we were aware that we wanted to focus on this summer, so we directly began making phone calls. One of the names that we phoned was Tommy Fury, and he declined our offer since he was looking for additional funds. 

“And so now, and it’s all serendipitous, he’s probably punching the f***ing air now realizing how big of a mistake he made, I mean, he’s an idiot,”

The reality that Jake Paul was able to make another offer to Mike Tyson as a result of Tommy Fury’s refusal to accept his offer is an improvement. Because of the former heavyweight champion’s willingness to participate in this fight, Jake Paul will be facing a lot more entertaining opponent than he would have otherwise. 

Paul emerged victorious, but Fury was left disappointed and defeated. Regardless of his 57 years old, Mike Tyson continues to appear intimidating and sharp. Keep in mind that a man who maintains his physical fitness tends to retain his punching strength, particularly if you were previously the most terrifying man on the entire globe.

“Literally, the next offer for him is like nothing, basically,” Jake Paul continued. And my brand just gets stronger on a whole other level. For that battle, we probably would have been split 50/50, but now that this has happened, who knows what I’m going to do? It’s like Tommy I am sorry but you’re now around a ten per center. However, you truly did f*** up.”

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