Michigan’s New Head Coach: Dusty May Steps into the Spotlight


The Michigan Wolverines have selected their new head coach just seven days after parting ways with Juwan Howard.

A long-term contract between Florida Atlantic University and Adrian Wojnarowski, Dusty May is about to be finalized. 

May’s departure from FAU comes after an impressive six-season tenure where he orchestrated a remarkable transformation for the Owls, turning them from an overlooked team into a formidable contender.

During his time at FAU, May accumulated a notable record of 126 wins against 69 losses. His leadership guided the team to a Conference USA Championship and a remarkable journey to the Final Four in 2023, followed by another successful tournament bid this season. 

Despite FAU’s recent loss to Northwestern in overtime, May’s coaching prowess caught the attention of several schools, with Michigan emerging as the frontrunner in the pursuit of his services.

Replacing Howard, who was relieved of his duties after five seasons with the Wolverines, May steps into the role with enthusiasm and anticipation. 

Michigan Trusts May as Ideal Choice

The Michigan Wolverines have selected their new head coach just seven days after parting ways with Juwan Howard.

A season filled with missed tournament appearances and off-court controversy was the culmination of Howard’s turbulent tenure, which was characterized by several difficulties and disappointments.

The focus now turns to May as he takes over as head coach of the Michigan basketball team. May is faced with the difficult challenge of revitalizing a program that was once highly regarded, having previously successfully traversed the process of leading a struggling squad to fresh success.

The Wolverines, hoping for a comeback, put their faith in May to lead the squad back to the top of the national rankings.

Michigan is still optimistic about May’s ability to successfully stabilize the program in spite of Howard’s turbulent tenure. As May takes the helm, the Wolverines embark on a new chapter filled with enthusiasm and hope for a brighter future.

Though it will take time to see if May can match his predecessor’s accomplishments, Michigan is certain that they have selected the best person to lead their basketball program into the next great phase of its history.

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