Jets Fans Worry Over Star Player’s Daredevil Antics


Playing for the New York Jets may be challenging. The Jets have not made the playoffs this decade despite typically high expectations, which were skyrocketing in 2023 when New York struck a stunning trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

However, an Achilles injury just four plays into the season terminated Rodgers’ season and drove the Jets into a tailspin, making 2024 one of the most significant seasons in franchise history as it strives to return to the playoffs after a 13-year absence.

However, some supporters have renewed concerns about the health of another Jets offensive talent. 

Garrett Wilson, a previous top-10 choice, was photographed this week making an insulting gesture in a risky position, prompting many to wonder what he is thinking.

Jets Player: Russell Wilson’s Austin Stunt

CLEVELAND, OHIO – DECEMBER 28: Garrett Wilson #17 of the New York Jets looks on during the second half against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on December 28, 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio.

In a widely shared image, Wilson can be seen perched on the edge of a towering structure in Austin, Texas, the city where he completed his high school education. 

In a defiant gesture, he raises his hand to express his discontent towards the person capturing the photograph. 

However, Wilson has a wide grin on his face, indicating that his playful gesture towards the photographer is meant in good humor.

Wilson had a challenging 2023 season, despite maintaining his productivity while Rodgers was sidelined. 

The former Ohio State standout and Offensive Rookie of the Year had an impressive season, with 95 catches for 1,042 yards and three touchdowns

However, his dissatisfaction was evident as he expressed frustration on the turf at the Jets’ MetLife Stadium and had a heated exchange with quarterback Zach Wilson during a loss to the New England Patriots early in the season.

However, with Rodgers recovering and the Jets bolstering their offense by signing free agent wide receiver Mike Williams, one could argue that Wilson should be feeling more optimistic

This has led to some uncertainty regarding the actual message behind the viral photo.

Fans React to Wilson’s Daredevil Stunt

One fan, responding to the Wilson photo’s publishing on X (previously Twitter), claimed that the risky move is symbolic of someone who “plays for the Jets,” indicating the dark humor with which many greeted the image.

Another, probably a long-suffering Gang Green fan, wrote on social media that if Wilson fell from that ledge, their “life is over.”

It’s unclear whether Wilson will address the growing dispute or simply let the internet have its fun. 

However, the young receiver should proceed with caution in the future.

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