Timberwolves’ Playoff Hopes Hang in Balance: A-Rod’s History vs. Glen Taylor’s Curse


The Minnesota Timberwolves are making headlines this season with their best regular-season performance in franchise history. 

A persistent worry, though, is whether they will be able to overcome the postseason troubles brought on by their new owner as they prepare for the postseason.

Since 2021, former baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, along with his partner Marc Lore, have been making waves in the NBA world by acquiring a 40% stake in the Timberwolves from long-time owner Glen Taylor. 

Their investment, totaling $1.5 billion, initially raised eyebrows, but recent developments have left fans wondering about the team’s fate come playoff time. The latest twist in the Timberwolves’ ownership saga involves financial backing. 

Rodriguez and Lore faced a setback when the Carlyle Group withdrew their support, citing NBA ownership requirements. However, they swiftly secured new funding from Dyal Capital Partners, solidifying their control over the franchise. Despite this, doubts linger regarding Rodriguez’s postseason prowess. 

Timberwolves’ Playoff Prospects in Transition

The Minnesota Timberwolves are making headlines this season with their best regular-season performance in franchise history.

A-Rod endured postseason hardships throughout his remarkable baseball career before winning a World Series with the New York Yankees in 2009. A run of losses and poor play were the highlights of his several postseason disappointments before that victory. The Timberwolves’ postseason record, on the other hand, has been just as miserable. 

With only two playoff series victories in their first 34 seasons, the team’s postseason track record pales in comparison to Rodriguez’s struggles. 

Fan expectations are a little optimistic, though, as they hope that new ownership would bring about a possible turnaround. Supporters of the Timberwolves are cautiously optimistic while the NBA waits for approval of the ownership change. 

While Rodriguez’s postseason woes may raise concerns, they’re also aware of the team’s historical struggles under previous ownership. In a league where anything can happen, there’s a sense of anticipation mixed with apprehension as the Timberwolves prepare for postseason action.

In the end, whether the Timberwolves can overcome their postseason demons remains to be seen. But with a new ownership regime at the helm and a talented roster on the court, fans are hopeful that this could finally be the year they break free from the shadows of the past and make a deep playoff run.

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