Javier Altamirano: Epilepsy Attack Shocks Crowd as Soccer Star Falls During Match


Javier Altamirano recently experienced a frightening medical emergency when he underwent an epileptic seizure during the match between his team and Boca Juniors. 

Teammate Alert: Urgent Medical Aid for Javier Altamirano

LA PLATA, ARGENTINA – MARCH 17: (EDITORS NOTE: Image contains graphic content.) Javier Altamirano (C) of Boca Juniors receives medical attention after suffering a fit with convulsions during a match between Estudiantes and Boca Juniors as part of Group B of Copa de la Liga Profesional 2024 at Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium on March 17, 2024 in La Plata, Argentina.

Altamirano experienced a breakdown while playing on the field, and in the aftermath, he started exhibiting indications of convulsions.

Upon becoming aware of Altamirano’s predicament, his teammates promptly made a request for medical assistance in order to provide assistance to him.

An ambulance was dispatched to bring the injured player to a local hospital after there was a time of doubt during the contest during which the player was injured.

A call was made by the referee, Fernando Echenique, to the team leaders, José Sosa and Edinson Cavani, as well as the coaches, Eduardo Domínguez and Diego Martínez, in order to inform them about the suspension of the game.

Rescheduling Needed for Remaining Minutes

It has been confirmed by officials at Estudiantes de La Plata that Altamirano is conscious and has been transported to the Platense Medical Institute for clinical follow-up. Currently, his condition is stable.

The Argentine Professional Soccer League will have to reschedule the match, which was originally scheduled to take place during the eleventh round of the Professional League Cup. 

This is necessary in order to finish the remaining sixty-three minutes of the contest.

The board of directors of Boca Juniors gave the Chilean midfielder their best wishes for a speedy recovery and expressed their hope that he will improve quickly.

In the moments leading up to the event, Estudiantes and Boca were tied at a score of five points each. 

At this point, all that is left to do is wait and observe how the health situation of the Chilean player develops, as well as what choice the AFA will make for the remaining sixty-three minutes of the contest.

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