New York Jets Concerned Over Aaron Rodgers’ Political Leanings Toward Kennedy


The New York Jets were surprised by reports indicating Aaron Rodgers might depart from his NFL career to assume the role of running mate for Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

The New York Times disclosed Kennedy’s approach to Rodgers and former WWE wrestler Jesse Ventura regarding joining his electoral ticket.

Kennedy’s primary focus lies in securing ballot access, a demanding endeavor necessitating the collection of over a million signatures nationwide. 

Consequently, there’s an early emphasis on Kennedy’s selection of a running mate, given that numerous states mandate independent candidates to designate one prior to pursuing ballot access.

Rodgers-Kennedy Alliance Sparks Concern for Jets

CLEVELAND, OH – DECEMBER 28: Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets looks on on from the sideline prior to an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on December 28, 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The possibility of a collaboration between Rodgers and Kennedy originates from their mutual skepticism towards vaccine mandates and their participation in platforms critical of established institutions, like podcasts. 

Rodgers, famed for his tenure as the Green Bay Packers quarterback, currently affiliated with the Jets, heightens the team’s unease regarding his potential departure.

The Jets conveyed their disappointment in reaction to these reports, with a team representative expressing, “We were caught off guard by these rumors. 

Aaron is an indispensable player for our team, and we trust he maintains his concentration on his football career with the Jets.”

Debate Over Rodgers’ Transition from Football to Politics

As Kennedy nears the announcement of his running mate, the political realm is rife with speculation about who will ultimately join his ticket. 

The notion of a prominent NFL figure like Rodgers entering the political sphere has generated both curiosity and concern among fans and sports analysts.

The prospect of Rodgers potentially shifting from his illustrious football career to a role in national politics has ignited vigorous debates across social media and sports forums. 

While some fans are fascinated by the idea of Rodgers applying his leadership skills and influence in a new arena, others express reservations about potential distractions from his athletic pursuits.

As developments unfold, attention remains fixed on Kennedy’s forthcoming announcement and its potential impact on both the political and sports domains.

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