Yankees Eyeing Major Trade with White Sox for Dylan Cease


Prompted by newfound concerns regarding their pitching roster, the New York Yankees have reportedly extended a fresh proposal to the Chicago White Sox for the acquisition of ace pitcher Dylan Cease.

The recently appointed general manager of the Chicago White Sox, Chris Getz, is open to discussing a potential trade involving Cease. 

However, it is noted that Getz has set a high asking price, which some teams have deemed excessive. Specifically, Getz is purportedly keen on securing outfield prospect Spencer Jones as part of any deal with the Yankees. 

Nevertheless, the latest offer from the Yankees does not include Jones in the proposed trade package.

Yankees Pursue Dylan Cease in White Sox Trade Talks

GLENDALE, ARIZONA – FEBRUARY 21: Dylan Cease #84 of the Chicago White Sox delivers a pitch during a spring training workout at Camelback Ranch on February 21, 2024 in Glendale, Arizona.

The New York Yankees are actively investigating the potential of a trade with the Chicago White Sox for their top pitcher, Dylan Cease. 

The team has already presented an offer to Chicago, noteworthy for its exclusion of top prospect Spencer Jones, marking a deviation from previous proposals.

However, the Yankees face formidable competition in their pursuit, as the reigning World Series champions, the Texas Rangers, are also in discussions with the Chicago White Sox regarding a trade for Dylan Cease.

Cease’s Statistical Performance

In the 2023 season, Dylan Cease experienced a decline in performance, registering a 4.58 ERA in 177 innings pitched, resulting in a win-loss record of 7-9. His ERA+ stood at 97, and he accumulated a bWAR of 2.4. 

Nonetheless, Cease’s exceptional talent remains evident, highlighted by his runner-up position in the AL Cy Young Award race in 2022, when he achieved a remarkable 2.20 ERA and recorded 227 strikeouts in 184 innings pitched.

Cease is set to become a free agent following the conclusion of the 2025 season. 

Therefore, any team that trades for him will have the opportunity to exercise control over his services for an additional two seasons before he becomes available on the open market. 

This is due to Cease agreeing to an $8 million salary with the White Sox for the 2024 season through arbitration.

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